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This site contains all the elements: text, graphics, LOGO and other vested ownership of Ping Yiao Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. and the website content / information providers (including vendors, suppliers), by the Chinese and international copyright laws. All content on this site of replication (meaning the collection, combination and re-combination), this website and enjoy the exclusive right by the Chinese and international copyright laws. Use of this web site all the products and technical information is the property of Ping Yiao in Shanghai trade or its brand supplier and is subject to Chinese and international copyright laws. The content on this site and technical documentation can be used as information for online trading and online auctions of information resources, such content on this site for any other use, including recycling, modify, publish, transmit, print, presentation or broadcast is strictly prohibited.

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Copyright Complaints
Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. and the Ping Yiao agent brands respect the intellectual property of others. If you make sure your products are copied in some way, the act violated the Chinese and international copyright law, please contact the company to copyright complaints, we will be dealt with promptly.

The company of all content on this site, including but not limited to site operation or the information on this site, content, materials or products, does not provide express or implied. You apply permitted by law, the Company for any loss or any web sites and the use 本 losses arising, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive, and caused the loss is not liable. This part of the company information, pictures from the Internet, if infringement please contact our companies, we will verify the timely treatment.

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