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    Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. Ping Yiao is the compressor by a group of experts and professionals in synthetic oil is composed of professional firms. Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai Putuo district, and have a warehouse, and have sufficient cash to service the compressor manufacturer in China, vendors and distributors provinces in the petrochemical industry. Major markets in the following areas:
◆ ◆ hydrocarbon gas compressor oil refrigeration compressor oil
◆ ◆ Air Compressor Oil Compressor Oil refrigerators and freezers
◆ ◆ synthetic food grade lubricant oil equipment
◆ ◆ food grade low heat-conducting oil special oil for wind power gear box oil markets frozen in the synthesis of the major OEM to provide the following designated oil: such as: Cotton Han Bushi (Dunham-Bush), Carrier Carrier (Carlyle), Grasso GEA ( Grasso), Century (Century), Copeland (Copeland), Embraco (Embraco), Burke (BOCK), the US excellent music (Maneurop), Danfoss (Danfoss), McQuay (Mcquay), SEAT (CIAT ), J & E Hall (APV Baker), Trane (Trane), Lai Fu (Refcomp), Fuji Hao (Frascold), GRAM, Vilter, Bristol (Bristol), Clement, Contour. Praxair (Praxair), Linde (Linde), Messer (MESSER), Air Liquide (Air Liquide), Mycom, Toromont.

※ In the air compressor oil, we can provide a relatively large part of the OEM manufacturer formulations such as: Life Force (Sullair), Ingersoll-Rand (Ingersoll-Rand), Atlas. Copco (Atlas Copco) and so, for most of the air compressor OEM factory specified oil, we can provide to the other or both exactly the same formula. If you have any questions contact me at any time.

※ synthetic oil equipment: If the synthetic chain oil, vacuum pump oil, synthetic gear oil, hydraulic oil, shock absorber oil, instrument oil, and a variety of custom products and contract manufacturing products.

※ food grade synthetic lubricants: all food industry requirements, such as lubricating oil, grease, such as: hydraulic, gear, compressor, refrigeration oil, and grease.

※ food-grade heat-conducting oil: used in low-temperature thermal applications. Such as: skating rink, blow molding, food storage, industrial manufacturing and blast cooling.

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