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Mehrzweckfett(Multi-Purpose Grease)

DESCRIPTION High-performance Multi-Purpose Grease for lubricating plain and roller bearings under normal and high loads. Suitable as a universal grease for motor vehicles and for general machine lubrication. Multi-Purpose Grease guarantees long-term lubrication, has good sealing properties, is resistant to damp and dusty environments and moves well in central lubrication systems.-


- universal use
- resistant to cold and hot water
- reduces friction and wear
- high load-carrying capacity
- stable to ageing and to liquifying
- protects against corrosion
- economical to use
Complies with the certification for grease in accordance with DIN 51502


APPLICATION Used for motor vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery and used in industry. The wide operating temperature range and the high resistance to water reduce the diversity of products required.

INSTRUCTIONS As usual for grease. The operating instructions of the bearing and machine manufacturers must be followed.

PACKAGING Multi-Purpose Grease

400 g Part no. 3552
1 kg Part no. 3553
5 kg Part no. 3554
25 kg Part no. 3555
50 kg Part no. 3556
180 kg Part no. 3557

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