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r.rhenus XY 120 HM - Rhenus FF-GSB 2


r.rhenus XY 120 HM is a water soluble metalworking fluid free of mineral oil. A product of the
amine-free generation offering high technical performance and maximum protection for
operator and machine.


r.rhenus XY 120 HM is a product specifically developed for carbide metal grinding. It can also be used for grinding operations of standard steel and cast materials as well as for general applications.
r.rhenus XY 120 HM avoids leaching of cobalt ions in grinding solutions and, therefore, no
staining involved. Therefore, working protection for the operator has considerably been improved.
In order to guarantee a proper function of the grinding solution make sure that sufficient
filtration is available, preferably band filtering. Insufficient filtration may cause increased foaming and machine contamination.


 transparent solutions
 high stability and low dragout losses
 low foaming even at high coolant pressures
 efficient protection against corrosion
 good cooling and rinsing effects
 long sump life of grinding solution
 water dangerous class 1

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